Mission Statement

In a world full of dull, white noise, Airshine paints a vivid, shining picture of beauty through music. Airshine Music’s mission is to provide quality music instruction and performance opportunities for the modern family through individual instruction, group classes and enrichment experiences.

About the Company

Airshine is about making music, using all kinds of instruments to do it: piano, voice, drum, guitar, cello, flugelhorn - you name it! In January 2011, Airshine will be offering children’s piano lessons, adult piano lessons, choir, toddler class, and the Jazz for Young People course. Airshine consists of Erica Calvert, founder and lead instructor, with assistance from Rachel Samuelsz for the choir programs.

Music for the People

Music is universally understood and appreciated. Every country around the world has contributed to the chorus with a unique point of view. Music is a language that many understand upon hearing but cannot speak themselves. In a state where the first thing to be cut during budget crises is the arts, private music education has never been more important. Everyone who wants to learn music should have the opportunity to do so. Airshine programs have been created to allow for the average San Diegan to learn the language of music.

Gustav Mahler said, “If a composer could say what he had to say in words he would not bother trying to say it in music.” And Leopold Stokowski said, “A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.” Words can describe the feeling of music, and pictures can evoke the look of music, but nothing can replace the sound of music.

Student-Centered Education

Airshine Music is focused on the student, not fitting the student into a teaching model, instead creating a teaching model that will allow the student to excel. That’s not to say that the basic music concepts will be left out, but the presentation is tailored to fit the student so that the student will see the value and continue making music in the present and the future. We as music instructors have failed if students stop playing because they don’t see the significance and enjoyment in playing music.